I didn't go to EMF camp

My blogroll is full of people writing posts about how they went to EMF camp, and how they had a wonderful time there.

I didn’t go to EMF camp, for $reasons, and I’ve got a definite sense of FIMO: Fear I Missed Out.

It’s bigger than I had realised, and I’m worried that it would be too noisy and crowded for me, but I feel that I should give it a go.

Next time - 2026 - I should make an effort to be there.

I quite fancy converting a cheap-ish, old-ish van into a camper, but I’m realistic about the time involved and my lack of time.

I suspect that I would need to work while I was there, on the non-weekend days anyway. But who knows what things will look like in two years.

Perhaps decoded.legal could be a (realistically, small) sponsor.