Geek Code: a piece of web history

“Geek Code” was an interesting Internet novelty thing from 1993:

How to tell the world you are a geek, you ask? Use the universal Geek code! Using this special code will allow you to let other un-closeted geeks know who you are in a simple, codified statement.

You can see the site as it appeared in 1998 via (The original URL just redirects to Google.)

Geek Code has aged

Perhaps obviously, Geek Code is old.

Plus, it represents the things that the author, and the numerous people who submitted comments, felt were important to include, and some of the options have not aged well.

For instance, I loved:

I am a WebMaster. Don’t even think about trying to view my homepage without the latest version of Netscape. When I’m not on my normal net connection, I surf the web using my Newton and a cellular modem.

The idea that someone was a massive nerd for browsing the web using a mobile device, as opposed to… well, a lot of the web-using population. In fact, it’s probably more nerdy to browse the web using a laptop, let alone a desktop, computer these days.

The binary classifications around sex/gender? Not so much.

I’m married, so I can get it (theoretically) whenever I want.


Just plain rapey, IMHO.

My own Geek Code

Here’s a Geek Code generator, from 1995. Web design done right.

Mine is:

Version: 3.1
GJ d- s:+ a+ C+++ UL$ P+ L+++$ !E--- W+++ !N !o K--? !w !O !M !V PS++ PE- Y+ PGP++ !t !5 !X R tv-- b++@ !DI !D G e+++ h--- r+++ y?