I have data and documents in too many places

I’m sure that this is an evergreen problem, but that doesn’t make it any the less frustrating.

I use Nextcloud to keep my work documents in sync across my devices (in combination with Cryptomator).

I use Cryptpad for collaborative document editing - but I tend to move documents in from Nextcloud, and move them back again, so Cryptpad holds very little other than specific “live” documents.

I have a wiki for keeping notes on things.

Except for stuff which I’ve blogged about (because I decided a while back that there was no harm, and potentially a lot of upside, in sharing things more publicly), so there’s information on my blog too.

These days, I blog more and more, so if I want to see how I’ve done something before, my blog is my first port of call, and not the wiki. But manuals for how to do stuff in the house are in the wiki. And so on.

Email is in my email client. But if someone has messaged me via XMPP, or Signal, their message is there.

I have a “matter management system”, which helps me keep track of work that I am doing - but I decided not to integrate email with it, and I don’t store documents in it. I could, but they wouldn’t be encrypted at rest, nor synced to my laptop - I’d have to go into the matter management system each time to check them out, which feels laborious.

Obviously, passwords are in a password manager.

I’ve recently started using paperless-ngx for anything hard copy which goes through the scanner. Great at what it does, but Yet Another Repository.

And there are more systems in the mix too.

I don’t have an answer to this, but perhaps you do…?