Saving money via AliExpress v Amazon

I wrote recently about a working wireless plug-and-play display solution for Linux laptops (and others OSs).

I paid about £55 ex VAT for this dongle-based set from Amazon and, as usual, it arrived next day. (£70ish, before 25% discount)

I thought that £55 was a reasonable enough price for what I got.

Someone on the fediverse pointed out that I could have bought the same device via AliExpress, for about £20.


My last experiences of AliExpress, some years back, were that you’d place an order, and then be surprised a few weeks/months later when something arrived for you.

Delivery took sufficiently long that you’d forgotten that you had ordered it.

Now AliExpress is offering a “guaranteed” 5-day delivery for some products.

So I gave it a try.

I bought the closest thing I could find to the wireless HDMI dongles I bought from Amazon.

They are not exactly the same, in that they don’t come in a carry case, but close enough.

Including taxes and delivery, they were £22.85.

And, sure enough, they arrived within the stipulated five days.

Based off this one order alone, it looks like, if I can plan head by just a week or so, and if the item I want is available through AliExpress, it looks like AliExpress might offer a considerable price reduction.

(I’ve not had reason to test out AliExpress’s customer protection / returns policy, or the like.)