The fediverse and (small?) businesses

Last updated 2024-02-27

I thought it would be interesting to look at business-specific accounts in the fediverse.

What follows is a self-selected, clearly incomplete, list.

It only displays accounts of people/businesses who asked/agreed to be included here.

Based on that completely-unscientific approach:

If you are included here and have changed your mind or need your description or links editing, or want to be included here, message me: /

(If you want to scrape this list to use elsewhere, please note that I sought the consent of the people behind these accounts; you might want to think about doing the same.)

Business accounts

These are accounts specifically for a business (rather than a person who also runs a business, for which see below).


Yes, this is a wide category. I might break it down a bit in future

8086 Consultancy: Maker of the ClusterHAT and many other addons for the Raspberry Pi / Arduino world:

André Jaenisch Web-Development: (not yet fully active) web development services: /

Andrews & Arnold: UK ISP / hosting provider / SIP telephony / router maker: /

ChronoLink: a SaaS for synchronizing calendars (and other systems): /

Cloud68co: Open Source Digital Infrastructure for small & medium teams. Hassle-free managed hosting for Nextcloud, Mastodon, Mattermost, WordPress and more: /

Code Enigma: Web agency in the UK and France, truly pan-European, ISO-certified and award-winning #Drupal experts. AWS Select Partners and DevOps and SysOps experts: /

#! code: Hire us for consultancy, training, website audits and more. We also write articles, create tools and code resources for developers: /

CommCon: UK conference for real-time voice and video developers: / a non-profit for Internet infrastructure activity data, measurement, analysis, and research: /

Everycast Labs: Creators of Broadcast Bridge ( /

FusionDirectory: Identity and access management in free software: /

Geofabrik: OpenStreetMap products and services: /

Glauca Digital: On a mission to make interneting a little easier / boutique Domain Registrar/RIPE LIR/Techno Wizards: /

Interpeer Project: The Interpeer Project’s mission is to enable a human centric next generation internet: /

Mythic Beasts: Internet and server provider in multiple countries, specialising in managed services and excellent technical support. We managed mastodon instances for ourselves and customers: /

Nimble Ape: VoIP & WebRTC Contracting and Consultancy: /

OpenCage 👉🌍: Worldwide, affordable geocoding and geosearch using open data: /

SensePost: Orange Cyberdefense’s SensePost Team: /

Serversonic: Remote sysadmin and devops support and managed hosting (UK/world): /

Stadia Maps: Location APIs for humans. Build fantastic mapping experiences for your application with maps, navigation, geocoding, and more: /

ZERO GmbH: an 8-person startup from Ingolstadt, Germany - with focus on prototyping, electronics, software and connectivity topics: /

Art / craft / creative

Operation: Puppet: Professional Puppet Builder: /

Paradox Fox: Geeky, nerdy and pop-culture accessories. Pet charms & tidbits: /


La Kruca Kafejo: Small, Esperanto cafe in the north of Scotland / Malgranda Esperanta kafejo en la nordo de Skotlando: /

Professional services English Internet, telecoms, and tech law firm: /

Publishing / journalism / production

Author Help: we provide services to authors, primarily around helping then to self-publish: /

Sword And Fiddle Productions: Small TV/Film production company in South West England: /

Technology News and Literature: digital publishing company: /

Sex toys

There are a lot of people running various sex/adult-related businesses in the fediverse; most do so under “personal” accounts, rather than corporate-branded accounts (see below).

Base Seagsaidh®: Makers of body-safe adult toys, based in the UK, delivering almost everywhere: /


BJORN AFRIKA: Luxury Safaris & Destination Management Company: /

People who run businesses with personal profiles

There are lots of fedi artists, authors, sex workers, lawyers, and others, who use personal profiles.

(Again, this is a self-selected this; I know loads of people who do this but who haven’t asked/agreed to be included, and so are not shown here.)


Alexandre B A Villares 🐍: offering Python & creative coding classes and asking for donations while producing open educational resources: /

Allen Versfeld / Monoceros Digital Consulting: consulting work for anything related to Linux and AWS, and we also do managed hosting for Mastodon instances: /

MikroTik Trainer: I enjoy training students in the art of MikroTik. Routing. Wireless. Switching. Bandwidth shaping. Security. Living in the UK. Founder member of SIA Riga BootCamp Training company located in Riga, Latvia providing two BootCamp trainings every year at MikroTik’s RouterOS Training Centre: /

Nils Goroll 🕊️ / varnishcache: six nerds working on open source, optimization and varnish-cache: /

Art / craft / creative

JenJen: Full-time Comicatrix in the UK indie-comic scene 🎨 Gouache/Watercolour Artist: /

Professional services

Simon McGarr: Solicitor (Irish) at /

Tom Lee-Gough: accountant (UK): /

Unprofessional services ;)

tiddy roosevelt: Photographer, artist, model, and intellectual (non-practising), with OnlyFans pin-up content: /