Alternatives to the term 'enshittification'

tl;dr: lots of suggestions, but none which I feel work for me.

The term “enshittification” - popularised (and, perhaps, originated?) by Cory Doctorow - is getting a lot of usage at the moment.

As a way of describing, in a single word, an approach of making products and services incrementally worse for the user, it is effective.

But I don’t swear, and so it is not a term I will use.

I asked on the fediverse for other terms which people have seen / use, to get across the same message.

I got a lot of results - thank you so much!

Variations of the original

Some were mostly using alternative words for “faeces”:

Other approaches

(I’ve omitted a couple of suggestions, one of which was accompanied with concerns about ablist language. I share those concerns, and have the same concerns about a couple of others, so I’m not including them.)

Do any of these quite cut it?

I’m not sure.

But I don’t think so, for me.

Some, I feel, are too specific, focussing on particular aspects of the problem.

Some, I feel, are too broad, covering themes beyond what I think the original term encompasses.

Some I just don’t understand.

I will probably keep thinking, and seeing what others come up with…