I taught the law and the law won

Fedizen @PublicChaffinch - a “masto certified hot wife” - posted:

my husband is trying to think of “all the different laws you get”. so far he has offered martial law and jude law

Now, this is a good start.

Here are my (admittedly far less amusing than I had originally intended) thoughts.

Aside: what constitutes an area of law is often debatable - see, for example, the “is cyberlaw ’law of the horse’?” debates from the mid-1990s.

Law I studied as an undergrad

Law I studied on my practitioner course

Law I studied for my master’s degree

Law I studied for my PhD

Law I practise now

And loads of law I didn’t study / don’t practise

Laws in the sense of legal systems

Laws which do not apply in Australia

Laws which aren’t worth thinking about further

Laws which didn’t work out the way they were intended to work out

Laws of physics

Tastiest law

Don’t mention Nazis

Processing power law

Laws which went wrong (because of course they did)

Other famous laws

Julian and Sandy’s law

Positional laws

Best written law