Installing Twitter client cawbird from the official Debian 11 Bullseye repo

cawbird is a superb GUI Twitter client for Linux. It’s easy to use, it has none of the distractions of the Twitter web interface, and it supports multiple accounts. I’m a fan.

(If there was a client which supported both mastodon and Twitter, then I’d be even happier. I like Twidere on Android, precisely because of that, but I have not found a replacement for Linux.)

Now that I have fixed my issue with tee, I can do what I actually set out to do: install cawbird via apt, rather than relying on a third party snap package.

The snap package mostly worked, but:

The instructions for installing it just entail adding the relevant repository, updating, and then install it via the usual

sudo apt install cawbird -y

I had to set up my accounts again, but this is a very simple process.