Debian 11 and printing on a Samsung ML-2525W

Photo of a sheet of paper on a printer, saying “Neil”

This was harder than it should have been, and yet easier than I was expecting.

Install software

apt install cups cups-browsed libcupsimage2 -y

Didn’t work using the GNOME 3 Printer UI.

Remember to open a port in the firewall

ufw allow out to $PrinterIPAddress port 631 proto tcp comment 'Allow out to printer ipp'


Find Samsung printer drivers

Where would you find Linux drivers for a Samsung printer?

On the HP website

Download the “Samsung Print Driver for Linux”, extract, and run sudo bash ./

The installation was a pain, as you have to go line by line through the licence, but if you go one line too far, you miss the prompt to “accept” the licence, and have to start again. It’s a dreadful UI.

Configure via CUPS

I went to CUPS:


and attempted to add a printer.

Permission denied.

So I added my user to the group lpadmin.

sudo usermod -a -G lpadmin neil

I went through the printer setup, and printed a test page.

It worked!