LibreOffice Writer, deleting comments, and tracked changes

I’ve finally found a (very obvious; I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before) solution to something that bugging me with LibreOffice Writer.

The problem

Screenshot of a deleted comment

If you delete a comment in a Writer document when you have tracked changes enabled, the comment remains visible.

Screenshot of the in-comment menu, to “Delete All Comments”

Using the “delete comment” function in the comments menu, the comment remains visible.

My previous workaround

Try to remember to turn off tracked changes before deleting comments.

Actual (really obvious) solution

Screenshot showing the “Accept Track Change” screen

If you delete a comment when tracked changes are enabled, the deletion of the comment is, in itself, a tracked change. In other words, the document (correctly, now that I understand it) shows that the comment existed but has been deleted.

To remove the comment from the document, accept the change.

Easy when you know how!