Working out why Home Assistant on Android had ceased to get my phone's location

tl;dr: I needed the version of the Home Assistant app from the Aurora interface to Google Play Store, and not the version of the Home Assistant app from F-Droid.

Sandra and I make our mobile devices’ location available to our Home Assistant platform.

This means that we can see, at a glance, where the other person is, and craft automations based on our and their location, without sharing the data with a third party platform.

We both consent to this.

But Sandra mentioned to me the other day that my location had stopped updating and, while it wasn’t a major problem, it was a nuisance, and something I wanted to fix.

I am using the Home Assistant app on my device running Graphene OS.

And it definitely did work.

So something has changed.

First, I looked at permissions, and everything looked correct.

But when I looked at the “Companion App” information within the Home Assistant app’s settings, I couldn’t find any location-based sensors.


I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, from F-Droid, in case that was the problem.

No change.

But, in poking around, I noticed the app’s description: that it was a minimal version of the app.

That gave me the clue I needed: the Home Assistant app is available to me through both the Aurora interface to Google Play, and also via F-Droid.

But they are not the same app.

At some point, I must have uninstalled the app installed via Aurora, and installed it via F-Droid (since I prefer F-Droid), and not realised that there was a difference.

I removed the F-Droid-distributed app, installed the Home Assistant app from Aurora, and bingo it worked again.

And, yes, the version of the app available via Aurora does work with Graphene OS, surfacing location and various other sensors.