I don't have, or want, comments on my blog

I’ve often pondered whether I should have a comments facility on my blog.

And each time, I’ve reached the same conclusion: oh goodness me no!

My blogs are my way of sharing my thoughts, or keeping public notes on things.

They don’t invite, let alone demand, a response or an interaction with the reader.

I’m happy that my readers, however few or many of you there are (and I don’t know, as I don’t keep stats, are readers.

That said, I often - not always, but often - link to my blogposts from the fediverse. I did the same before I left LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Sometimes, I’ll expressly invite responses or feedback.

Often, I don’t, but nevertheless happily receive it: after all, I’ve chosen to toot the blogpost’s existence into an inherently social environment.

Of course, for anyone who just wants a notification of a new blogpost, there’s RSS.

But in terms of comments on my blogs themselves, no.

I don’t want the hassle of dealing with spam.

I don’t want the burden of moderation, even though that is probably a very light burden (as I don’t imagine that I would get many comments).

I don’t want to deal with people wanting to remove their comments, or edit their comments.

I don’t want a dynamic site: I am very happy with a static site. And I suppose I could build something which would take comments via the fediverse, and compile those into a static site, but that feels like unnecessary effort.

I rarely read the comments underneath articles / blogposts - not never, but rarely - either.