Should I feel bad for buying second hand?

I buy quite a lot of stuff second hand. Particularly electronics, and CDs, DVDs, and (non-electronic, of course) books.

For a lot of stuff, I really don’t mind that it is not new and, in some cases, I prefer it.

I bought my eBike second hand, and because it already had some dings on it, I didn’t mind at all when I put a ding on it myself. I bought it precisely so I could take it on public transport, and that inevitably means it getting a bit bumped around. Of course, I want to look after stuff, but a few marks before I receive something can often be a good thing.

I can’t imagine buying a car “new”. And even if I did want to spend That Kind Of Money on something which I want to work but ultimately don’t care about that much. I definitely don’t want a car which is going to spy on me, constantly snitching back to its manufacturer. My (at least second hand) Honda Jazz doesn’t do that, but, as time passes, and more and more cars do this, the second hand market is going to have more and more cars which do this. I can hold off, for sure, but perhaps not forever.

I don’t (typically) want or need “new” in the sense of “the most modern”. My computing needs, for example, are pretty basic. A computer from five or so years ago still has a decent enough processor, 16GB of RAM, and good-sized SSD, and so on - it is absolutely fine for my needs. Loads of companies get rid of perfectly good kit after three or so years, so eBay has massive amounts of ex-corporate kit for really rather good prices. The money I spend gets me a far, far better second hand computer than I’d get if I spent the money on something new.

I also buy a lot of “broken” stuff, or stuff that just needs a bit more love than the current owner is willing or able to give it. Computers without working operating systems, for example. Often (but not always; I got burned with a Surface Go a while back) they are very easily to fix, and I end up with a great machine for the money. My eBike was sold as “broken”, so I got it at a massive discount on the new price, only to find that it just needed the tyres pumping up and a bit of lube.

Part of me feels a sense of “good” about buying second hand stuff. I like putting someone’s rejected electronics to good use. I don’t like the environmental impact of treating electronics as disposable items, especially not when they have just so much working life left in them.

But part of me also feels “bad” or perhaps “guilty” about buying second hand: