Fixing an Intel NUC with unknown supervisor or user BIOS password and a Secure Boot error

An aide memoire for me.

Removing the unknown supervisor or user BIOS password

Open the machine up, and remove the yellow jumper.

Boot the machine, and it should boot into the BIOS.

Press “2” to wipe the passwords.

Reboot the machine.

Remedying 0x1a security violation

If you get a message showing error code 0x1a security violation, it is likely that the machine is enforcing Secure Boot.

If you are using Ventoy, try this from the Ventoy manual:

  1. Press “Ok”
  2. Press any key to perform MOK management
  3. Enroll key from disk
  6. Continue
  7. Yes
  8. Reboot

and you should see Ventoy appear.