Can I have a cable... please?

I must be getting old, because I’ve found recently that I quite like cables.

I needed a new headset for voice/video calls and, rather than faff around with a Bluetooth or other wireless system which would need charging, I went with - and am very happy with - a cabled, USB approach.

Perfectly acceptable sound quality, and none of the inconvenience of being five hours into a day’s calls and wondering if the battery is going to hold out for another hour with my (admittedly, really rather impressive) Jabra Bluetooth earbuds.

I was in someone’s meeting room, and they had some fancy “plug in a dongle from the table and you can share your screen that way” meeting room tech.

Now, leaving aside that I thought that the chances of me getting it to work with my Linux-based laptop were close to zero (which is fine; I appreciate my choice is unusual), it turned out that, on Windows, installing the software from the dongle (yikes!) requires both the ability to mount a USB storage device and admin rights to install the software. Most corporate users won’t have that. Three people in the room, and none could make the dongle-based system work.

What they heck is wrong with an HDMI cable?! Plug it in both ends, set the source, and voila!. Video and audio, pretty much seamlessly. No (realistic) risk of malware. Oh look, I’ve got one in my bag… shall we try that?

Charge my phone or computer? I’ll plug it in, thanks. Faster, and more reliable.

Admittedly, I don’t prefer a cable for everything.

I basically live with my Shokz / Trekz / Whateverz bone-conductive headphones on. They are so light, I don’t even notice they are there, and being wireless is part of that.

When I’m working at my desk, I use an Ethernet cable into my laptop(’s docking station). But I use Wi-Fi most of the time if I’m sitting elsewhere in the house, even though I have ethernet sockets in most rooms. (But all my APs are wired, rather than meshed.)

And I do use the cellular network, which has a wireless component to it.