£15 for an Amazon review?

I’d heard about incentivised reviews - people being paid to leave positive reviews on Amazon - but until this week, no-one had asked me to do that.

Until this week.

And, oddly, it was by letter.

This dropped into the parcel box at some point this week:

A scan of a letter, with amazon.co.uk branding at the top and bottom. The letter says that I have been chosen to have a £15 Paypal [sic] refund by sharing my shopping experience on Amazon. It requires me to “Write a 5 star product review”, and to send a screenshot of the review to “info@soldvip.com”.

It looks very much like a letter from Amazon, doesn’t it, with the prominent amazon.co.uk branding?

I doubt it.

Why would Amazon want to pay me £15 to write a review of a novelty USB cup warmer?

Why would they want me to email a screenshot of it to info@soldvip.com?

Why - when there is a photo of an Amazon gift card - the refund come via PayPal?

Why would Amazon warn me:

Attention: For your account security, please do not attach pictures of this letter when you leave a product review.

I guess I’m surprised that a review is worth £15. But then, unless I did it, I wouldn’t know whether I’d actually receive the money.