RWG Mobile APN for non-data SIMs

I am using a SIM from RWG Mobile in my PinePhone Pro.

RWG's pricing is very keen - I am paying £1 / month for a small data bundle, which is more than sufficient for my testing. (I think the bundle may now be £2 for new customers.) They also have a free tier.

I was having problems getting data working on my PinePhone Pro, because of the APN settings.

The RWG website has a page on APNs, but this is for their data-only SIMs (and only their data-only SIMs, it seems).

The APN for their non-data SIMs (but for the data service, obviously) is:

  • Name: EE Internet
  • APN: everywhere
  • Username: eesecure
  • Password: secure

And now mobile data works!

Author: neil

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