Converting Outlook .msg email files for opening on Linux

A quick reminder for me, as much as anything.

Occasionally - for example, when I am helping an organisation with a GDPR subject access request - I need to open files in Outlook’s .msg format.

I cannot open .msg files using my “normal” tools on Linux, so I need to convert them.

For this, I use the msgconvert tool, although known as the Perl module Email::Outlook::Message.

This converts .msg files to .eml files, which I can open in evolution, and probably other mail clients too.

(Ideally, I’d convert them to PDF automatically, but the only tool I’ve found with a command line interface for converting .eml to .pdf requires Java, and I don’t want that.)

So, for now, just msgconvert, and then I handle it manually.

You can install msgconvert from normal Debian repositories:

apt install libemail-outlook-message-perl

The downside is that - for me, at least - this install an older version (0.920) rather than the latest version (0.921)

To use it:

msgconvert filename

There are a few options:

        --mbox <file>      deliver messages to mbox file <file>
        --outfile <oufile> write message to <outfile> or - for STDOUT
        --verbose          be verbose
        --help             help message