A global "scale-to-fit" for the PinePhone Pro

One of the challenges of running Linux on a phone is finding apps which are suited to the small, typically portrait, screen.

Mobian has a scale-to-fit system, which can be enabled on an app-by-app basis.

There is a global tweak:

gsettings set sm.puri.phoc scale-to-fit true

And this works pretty well.

(Blogging to keep a note of it for future.)


“Pretty well” is not the same as “perfect”. There’s no doubt that this is a hack, and a more targeted approach is likely to be better overall. Ideally, this would be software designed to adapt to the screen resolution, or per-app scaling.

Thankfully, there is the excellent LinPhoneApps, and LinMob has a great guide to targeted scaling.

Author: neil

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