"Safer Internet Day" 2022. At least we know what we're trying to achieve. Right?

  • We should have better encryption. We should have encryption which can be readily circumvented.

  • The web is the unregulated Wild West. We should reduce barriers to responsible innovation and reduce burdens on businesses.

  • We should increase police funding to tackle online crimes. We should de-fund the police.

  • We should have more secure terminal equipment. We should have backdoors in our terminal equipment, to permit client-side scanning.

  • We should increase surveillance. We should stop data transfers if there is a heightened risk of surveillance by third countries.

  • We should centralise, for a better oversight and control. We should decentralise, to distribute control.

  • Doing nothing is not an option. But we don't like the something you are doing.

  • We should make "safety measures" incapable of circumvention. We don't want the cost of making "safety measures" incapable of circumvention.

  • We must preserve freedom of speech. We must stop platforms hosting speech we don't like.

  • We must make the Internet safer. But not like that.


Author: neil

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