Hosted Raspberry Pi as a service / Raspberry Pi colocation

If you want a Raspberry Pi but don't want it connected to your own Internet connection (e.g. to host a WireGuard server), here's a list of the places that I have found which offer either Raspberry Pi colocation (where you supply your own Pi), or Raspberry-Pi-as-a-Service.

I have not tested any of these, aside from Mythic Beasts in the UK.

Prices may or may not include taxes, and setup. Or a Raspberry Pi: it is not always clear which are colo, and which are managed hosting.



Czech Republic

  • €152.00 - per year? - including RPi 4.

  • CZK 70/month, CZK 200 setup fee, RPi 3B

  • It looks like they have RPi 2 and RPi 3 only. Price for RPi 3 is CZK 122 per month.

  • Raspberry Hosting: €80 for the Raspberry Pi (or supply your own) / €72 / year for the hosting.




  • Playstar: seemingly free, but you must supply a RPi 3 (not 3+).

  • PRQ: 160 SEK / month for dedicated hosting of an RPi 3B. It looks like they are no longer offering colocation.




  • endOffice: colocation $9/month, $69 for a RPi

  • Lightwave Networks: it looks like it is RPi 3 only (unless you supply your own): $13/month

  • RPI Servers: $7.50 / month for RPi 4; older Pis are cheaper.

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