What happened to Internet radio?

I don’t hear about “Internet radio” that often, and that surprises me.

Perhaps I’m odd in that I don’t subscribe to any music streaming services (Spotify etc), but I listen to hours and hours of Internet radio (via Shortwave).

I listen mostly when I am working, but I’ve got into the habit of streaming Internet radio when I drive, rather than listening to locally-stored music. After all, if there’s a track or artist I particularly enjoy and want to here more regularly / when I want to, I can still buy their music and store it locally.

A bit like it’s offline counterpart, there are a few stations / channels I like. My most-listened channels are Jazz Radio Blues and rm.fm’s TRANCE, and some metal streams.

I’ll also sometimes browse the catalogue of stations in the application and just pick something I fancy - it’s a great tool for music discovery. (Would I have thought I’d like dance/trance without Internet radio? I very much doubt it.)

Of course, unlike streaming services, I don’t get to pick songs by particular artists, unless there is a stream dedicated to them, and I can’t listen to a friend’s playlist (but I can’t see I’d ever do this).

Wonderfully, if you already have an Internet connection, there’s zero (or marginal) barrier to entry:

Or perhaps people use it but just don’t talk about it?