Installing Twitter client cawbird from the official Debian 11 Bullseye repo

cawbird is a superb GUI Twitter client for Linux. It's easy to use, it has none of the distractions of the Twitter web interface, and it supports multiple accounts. I'm a fan.

(If there was a client which supported both mastodon and Twitter, then I'd be even happier. I like Twidere on Android, precisely because of that, but I have not found a replacement for Linux.)

Now that I have fixed my issue with tee, I can do what I actually set out to do: install cawbird via apt, rather than relying on a third party snap package.

The snap package mostly worked, but:

  • I don't really like snap
  • It did not fully work, and I had a problem with a video. I raised a bug report, and the response was that the snap package might have an out of date component and, in any case, was a third party unofficial thing, and that Debian 11 is officially supported.

The instructions for installing it just entail adding the relevant repository, updating, and then install it via the usual

sudo apt install cawbird -y

I had to set up my accounts again, but this is a very simple process.

Author: neil

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