Sex/sex work and Internet and online platform regulation / governance and the law

Someone asked me today for recommendations of people to follow on Twitter if you're interested in sex/sex work and Internet and online platform regulation / governance and the law.

Here's the list I gave.

Girl on the Net: @girlonthenet: a UK-based sex blogger and prolific audio porn producer, whose "ranty ones" are often interesting views on regulation.

Pandora Blake: @pandorablake: a UK-based spanking site operator / director / writer / producer / performer / businessperson, with experience of being on the wrong end of overzealous regulation (via ATVOD).

Dr Carolina Are: @bloggeronpole: a UK-based academic, with expertise in content moderation and sex work. Interesting theories on "corpo-civic" space. She's also an amazing pole dancer/instructor, whose content is often removed from Instagram and other platforms.

Dr Emily van der Nagel: @emvdn: an Australian academic, with an emphasis on sex and social media (and a book of that name, which is well worth reading).

Jessica Van Meir: @jessicavanmeir: a US-based PhD student, with a great Twitter feed. I learn a lot from her.

Dr Hanne Stegeman: @HanneMarleen: a PhD candidate working on "morals, markets and mass intimacy". Her latest article is on camming and online platforms.

Dr Heather Berg: @DrHeatherBerg: a US-based academic, who has written an excellent book "Porn Work". I thought her article on porn and the "gig economy" was particularly good.

Dr Mistress Snow: @MistressSnowPhD: a US-based academic and sex worker; some of her Twitter content is about sex work regulation / impact of platform policies, from both practical and political perspectives.

Myles Jackman: @MylesJackman: the UK-based obscenity law expert. I admire so much about this chap.

Jerry Barnett: @PornPanic: UK-based author of "Porn Panic", with regular interesting tweets about sex and censorship

Samantha Cole: @samleecole: US-based journalist, specialising in technology and sex and sex work. Whip smart.

People I missed / people who others have suggested

Here's a list of people who were recommended in replies to my thread:



























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