Moving from iOS to /e/: UK banking apps

I was dreading this bit of the transition from one platform to another: moving banking apps from my iPhone to my OnePlus 6T running /e/.

And, you know what?

It was fine.


I know it will make this blogpost less useful but it seems sensible to me not to be specific about which apps I use / which banks I use. So this is going to be a bit vague.

(Obviously, I should eschew traditional banks and just use cash and cryptocurrency. I know that. And moving my Bitcoin wallet from an on-iPhone wallet is something for a future blogpost. But, back in the real world (for now, anyway...))

The good

The bank I thought would be the worst was painless. As in, dead easy.

Sure, it required access to my iPhone to effect the transition, but that was fine.

The bad

Biometrics work on all of the apps bar one. That one just throws an error.

Sod knows why. It may not be their fault that the error message is meaningless and unhelpful, but there we go.

Since the same thing works on other banking apps, I'm tempted to blame their app. But I know I'm not running stock Android, so it's probably my fault.


  • I can't find the app for one of the banks, which is a bit of a stumbling block. It would be a pain to keep the iPhone around just for ease of access to that, but hey ho.
  • One app demands I wait a number of days before I can use their app-based PIN device for online banking. Apparently, it's for my security, but I didn't see that mentioned before I transferred the app from one device to another. Not so useful when you come to make a transfer to find Computer Says No.

The ugly

The most painful experience by far was one of the newer "challenger" banks.

They required a video of me saying a specific passcode, and then they needed a human to validate it.

Except they don't employ enough humans, so the wait time was around 50 minutes.

What an unnecessarily painful process, compared with the other banks.

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