Moving from iOS to /e/: software

In case it is of use to others, here's a comparison chart of the software I used on iOS and what I'm now using on /e/.

Where I'm using the same application on both - Element, Signal, Tor Browser etc. - I have not bothered listing it.

I obtained as much as I could from the native /e/ app store, Apps, but I did have to resort to the Aurora Store for some things.

"Translation" table

iOS application /e/ application Comments
Safari Firefox Browser. It makes me wish I'd used Firefox more on iOS
Canary Mail k9 with OpenPGP Email client, with PGP. (I tried Canary Mail for Android, but their support was lacking, so I gave up.)
TweetBot Twidere Twitter client
Tootle Tusky Mastodon client (although I'm seeing if Twidere will work for this too
I didn't have one Transistor Internet radio client
Native support DAVx5 xDAV client, for calender, contacts, and tasks synchronisation
Tasks OpenTasks Task manager (kept in sync via DAVx5)
InfiniTime Gadgetbridge PineTime client
WireGuard WireGuard WireGuard client but, unlike iOS, WireGuard for Android does not support on-demand activation. I'm using the native Android VPN settings to force WireGuard to be always-on, but I want to explore using Tasker for on-demand activation
Groundwire Linphone SIP client

Bits where I am struggling.

Jellyfin. It does not work properly if not foregrounded. This includes when the screen is off, which is a pain when listening to things.

Petrol station apps (and possibly others): I've yet to work out why they appear provisioned to access the device's GPS but cannot seem to be able to do so. Which renders them useless.

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