Escaping from iOS with /e/: the last(?) update

I had planned on writing a week's worth of day notes (starting here), covering the first week of my attempt to move away from an iPhone and an Apple Watch.

It's just not worth it. I don't have a week's worth of things to say. The transition has been - for the most part - pretty seamless.

Phone (OnePlus 6T running /e/)

Sure, I spent a fair amount of time setting it up and checking it worked for me. And that was time well spent. But, on the whole, it's more a case of learning the Android or /e/ way of doing things, having had a decade or more of iOS, than anything more fundamental.

It has been a pretty seamless move and, while there have been compromises, there have also been definite upsides, including a much improved battery life and, well, not being so tied in to Apple (with which I've been increasingly dissatisfied).

The bits which have been challenging are bits which were completely predictable:

  • no NFC payments (i.e. no Apple Pay), so I've resorted to putting a contactless card in my phone case. So far, that's been fine.
  • no iMessage/FaceTime, I'm using matrix and Signal more.
  • no Siri, which I relied on for voice dialling more than I realised.

None are showstoppers.

The bits I'm still working on:

  • a better Twitter client
  • WireGuard working on-demand, rather than being always-on (although that's not a major issue for me)
  • moving banking apps across (urgh)
  • moving my Bitcoin wallet across to a hardware wallet

Watch (PineTime)

I thought I'd miss seeing the next appointment on my watch more than I do. Honestly, the PineTime is a revelation, and I have not missed my much more expensive Apple Watch at all.

Migration complete (almost...)

I might still write about things as I stumble across them, but, aside from the bits above, I'm treating the migration as complete for now.

Might I move back to iOS? The option is still there, as I have not wiped my iPhone. That would be stupid. I'm not expecting to need it, but I'm keeping it just in case.

But, day to day, I plan on using /e/ and a PineTime watch.

A future migration to Mobian on a PinePhone?


I'd still prefer to be using Mobian on a PinePhone, but I'm going to need to spend far more time on that. There's just too much which is not working for me to be able to move. It's too much of a compromise.

I'm not saying never, and I would love to have a "proper" Linux phone, but I would be foolish to disregard practicality and, right now, that's sufficient to make Mobian on a PinePhone a lab experiment for me, and not a day-to-day

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