Escaping from iOS with /e/: day 3

I had a trip to London yesterday, so I could do some slightly different testing for day 3 on my move away from an iPhone and Apple Watch to a OnePlus 6T running /e/ and a PineTime.

In short, another successful day, and I suspect I'm going to struggle to find content to continue doing day notes, as things are working pretty well.

Phone (OnePlus 6T running /e/)

Lack of NFC payments

The lack of NFC payments was a bit of a pain, as it seems as if different shops/services have implemented limits for contactless payments differently. I could not pay for a £60ish train ticket contactlessly, even though I thought the limit had increased to £100.

Not a problem, as I'd looked up the card's PIN beforehand, but an inconvenience, and I do miss authenticated (i.e. more secure than contactless) device-based payments.

Bluetooth tethering turns off on reboot

It seems that Bluetooth tethering gets switched off on reboot. That caused me a moment's puzzlement as I tried to connect to the Internet via my phone on the train, as the computer just shows a failure to activate the network.

Not a problem, and just something for me to remember to check in future.

WireGuard on-demand would be great

I would rather have WireGuard initialise on-demand (whenever the phone connects to the cellular network, or any Wi-Fi other than one I have specified), rather than being always-on, but that doesn't seem possible with /e/. But it worked flawlessly, and I like the "Block connections without VPN" option, especially since I cannot get DNS-over-TLS to work (for reasons I don't fully understand).

I wish Cawbird was available

I have not found a good, Free/open source, Twitter client for /e/. I like Cawbird, for Linux, but it is not available for Android.

I'm stuck with a frame for the web interface, and, as anyone who has used anything other than Twitter's own web interface for interacting with Twitter, Twitter's web interface is Not Good.

So the search continues.

Watch (PineTime)

Paired, connected, but not connected?

I had to turn my phone off for part of the day and, when I turned it back on, I could not get my PineTime to pair with GadgetBridge.

I tried lots of things - rebooting the phone (again), rebooting the PineTime, turning Bluetooth off and on on the phone, unpairing and repairing the connection - and I don't know what did the trick. But, seemingly when I wasn't doing anything, it reconnected.

The slightly challenging bit is that GadgetBridge showed that it was connected, but it would not talking with the PineTime properly. It did not show battery status on GadgetBridge, and the PineTime did not receive notifications. So all a bit odd.

An incoming call notification when the phone was turning off

A second slight oddity was that, as I turned my phone off, the PineTime showed an incoming call notification. And the notification persisted even though the phone was definitely off.

My guess is that the call must have been received at the wrong moment, with enough time to trigger the notification to the watch, but not to display on the phone before it shutdown.

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