Escaping from iOS with /e/: day 2

Shell app saying "GPS needed for Mobile Payments"

Yesterday was my first "real" day using my new combination of a OnePlus 6T running /e/, and a PineTime watch.

Today was another day spent at home (as is par for the course for me at the moment), so it did not get much of a workout. I did hit a new point of frustration, which I've yet to resolve.

Tomorrow - a day visiting London - should prove more of a test.

Phone (OnePlus 6T running /e/

I had my first Signal audio call, and that worked.

What did not work was trying to pay for fuel using the Shell app. I was stuck in a loop of the app demanding GPS permission (which I was happy to give it), and the OS saying I'd given it GPS permission, but the app not requesting it.

I ended up paying in-store, which is exactly what I wanted to avoid.

I've not worked out the solution yet.

Battery life continues to impress me. I did not charge the phone overnight and, by the end of today - the second full day of (admittedly light) use, it was at 50%. I know my iPhone's battery was struggling, but getting one whole day out of it was proving tricky, so two full days, of roughly similar usage, is a definite improvement.

Watch (PineTime)

I must be knocking the PineTime when its own my wrist, as I keep finding it on a screen which looks like a game of pong. I'm not sure why.

PinePhone bits

I spent a bit of time today trying to get axolotl (a Signal client) running on my PinePhone as, truth be told, I'd prefer to use that.

It installed, using snap, but then would not launch. I have not tried to debug it.

I also tried to get an element/matrix client running, and I failed there too. Fractal looked like it should work, but it does not support e2ee rooms so I did not proceed.

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