Escaping from iOS with /e/: day 1

Yesterday, I wrote about my testing day of moving from an iPhone to a OnePlus 6T running /e/, and from an Apple Watch to a PineTime.

How was my first "real" day?

Much the same.

Again, another pretty easy day. Unsurprising perhaps, I use my computer for most things, including calls, and so the "mobile" bit of a "mobile phone" is less relevant to me right now.

Phone (OnePlus 6T, running /e/)

I'm still getting used to the keyboard. I make way more typos than I do on my iPhone, and autocorrection is weaker. It takes me considerably longer to type things out. I don't know whether that's just needing to spend more time with the slightly different keyboard layout / key size, or if it's just something which iOS does better.

I'm impressed with the battery life. I haven't got a USB-C charger next to my bed yet, so I left it off charge (but turned on) over night, with both cellular and Wi-Fi connected, and it only dropped 7%.

Since I keep my phone plugged in and charging when I'm at my desk, I can't give any meaningful insight into battery life during normal usage.

I got thrown by an odd telephony issue today, but it turns out it was nothing to do with the phone - it was some config I'd done on our PBX, which affected my mobile (which doesn't go through the PBX) in a specific situation. My fault, and a baffling 20 minutes until I worked out what shouldn't have been possible was, in fact, possible.

Watch (PineTime)

Not having next appointment visible was a bit of a pain today, but, since I get notifications of upcoming appointments 15 minutes beforehand and then 5 minutes beforehand, it was fine.

I also discovered - by accident - that the accept/reject call functions in the notifications do work. I had originally thought they did not, so I guess I did not have the PineTime and phone paired correctly, or something like that. I can accept and reject calls from the watch, which is great.

Battery life is amazing: I charged it to 100% this morning and - as of 18:15 - it's showing 88%. So just a 12% drop in a day.

I am getting notifications - a tap on the wrist - whenever Home Assistant updates its sensors. I don't know why, as I don't get an alert on my phone, and I don't want an alert. But since I don't get an alert on my phone, I can't work out how to deal with it. Hmm...

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