Escaping from iOS with /e/: day 0

Screenshot of one of the screens of my phone, showing apps in wors

It's Sunday evening. Today was the first day in many years that I didn't use an iPhone as my phone.

I don't know how many years but, if I had to guess, probably 10 or more. I've had an iPhone and only an iPhone for that long.

I'll probably write about why I'm testing escaping from iOS at some point. But not today.

I'll probably also write about my setup at some point, and an iOS but, for now, the key bits are:

(In parallel, I'm testing Mobian on a PinePhone, but that's going to take a while before I've got it set up in a way I'd be happy using it as my only device, if indeed I ever get there.)


I picked today as my start day because I rely on my phone less at weekends than I do on work days. I also had my iPhone on hand, just in case, but I didn't need it.

I handled a few email, spent too much time on Twitter and mastodon, and browsed the web.

I only chatted via message with Sandra today, and she's one of the people with whom I use element for messaging (and voice and video), so I did not miss iMessage today.

I got fed up of whatever the default browser is, and installed Firefox. That was better.

Using Bluetooth, I paired it with my laptop - a Surface Pro 6 running Debian - and checked that it worked as a modem (in hotspot mode). It did. Seamlessly. It doesn't look like hotspot-over-USB is supported, but Bluetooth will be fine.

One nuisance which I've yet to debug was Jellyfin. I use Jellyfin as a media server (notes here on using integrating it with yt-dlp), and I wanted to listen to some music which I had stored on there but not sync'd onto the phone. When running in the foreground, the Jellyfin client was fine. When I put it in the background - i.e. switched to do something it - playback stuttered and struggled, to the point of being unusable. I am not sure why.

I also switched the background and lock screen image to plain back, as the default one was too garish. I'm not sure why I didn't do that earlier.

Battery life seems fine, but I didn't push the phone hard today.

I've lost track of the number of times I've pushed the button on the side of my headphones, expecting to engage Siri, only to remember that that's not a thing any more.


Once I noticed that my PineTime was not talking to GadgetBridge - or vice versa - and I disconnected and reconnected it, all good.

I had notifications, could control my music playback, and so on.

So not much to report.

Honestly, I'm just so impressed with this $27 smart watch.

I do miss NFC payments via my watch, but paying with a physical card tucked in the phone case was not problematic today.

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