Microsoft Surface Pro with Debian 11 Bullseye: emulating right-click on Type Cover trackpad

Microsoft Surface trackpad

I’ve been fighting for a while with emulating a right-click using the Microsoft Type Cover under Debian 11 with GNOME 3. Apparently, clicking using two fingers at the same time works, but it has never worked for me.

Fortunately, there’s a simple fix: change it so that it (also) recognises a click in the bottom right of the trackpad as a right-click.

You do this in Tweaks, Keyboard & Mouse, Mouse Click Emulation, and change from Fingers to Area:

Screenshot of !GNOME Tweaks mouse emulation screen

No need to log out or restart.

There is a downside though: you also get middle-click in the bottom middle of the trackpad. And if you’re not paying enough attention, it’s easy to get a middle-click instead of the left-click that you were expecting, which probably means pasting the content of the clipboard unexpectedly. If you do not use middle-click paste, disable the toggle for “Middle Click Paste” under “Mouse”.