A change of plan: why you wont be able to vote for me for the Nominet board

A lot has happened in the last week. Not just in terms of Nominet stuff, as the volume of Internet regulatory issues crossing my inbox has seeming turned up another notch or two, but perhaps especially in terms of Nominet stuff.

As you may have seen, I indicated my intention to stand for election as a non-executive director of Nominet.

tl;dr: I’m not.

I was delighted to see that there was some support for me standing. I’m grateful to those who got in touch to say that - thank you. I’m even more grateful to Simon and Susannah who spent literally hours discussing things with me.

Why I wanted to stand

I made the decision to stand for a number of reasons, but key amongst them were:

Where I am at now

I’m not going to be standing.

Two of the reasons for that are closely connected with the key reasons I was considering standing in the first place:

Two others are more anodyne:

Because of these, I no longer feel any particular pressure to stand, and there are other bodies, and other issues of concern to me, where I feel my time and skills would be better spent for now.

I’ll be keeping an eye on Nominet and the direction of travel (after all, there will be future elections), and I might consider throwing my hat into the ring again but, for now, I’m content there are other worthy candidates.

If I had a vote, in whose favour would I cast it?

Without having seen the full list of candidates, it would be presumptive of me to commit my (imaginary) vote.

However, there’s a strong chance I would be backing Simon.