Installing Chitubox (3d printer slicing software) on Debian 11

screenshot of Chitubox software with a .stl file for a strain relief device for a Surface Pro

I wanted to install the 3D slicing software for my Elegoo Mars 2 3D printer on my Surface Pro 6, running Debian 11.

Chitubox has an application for Linux, which is a brilliant start. But it is a pain to install by hand.

Fortunately, there's a useful installation script on Github, which does the heavy lifting, and integrates it nicely with GNOME.

(Yes, I reviewed the script before I ran it, and, yes, it seems sensible enough, and not doing anything obviously unexpected or harmful.)

Although the script does not say it is compatible with Debian 11 Bullseye, it worked.

To make it work for 1.9.0, rather than 1.8.1 with which it is distributed, I just edited the name of the FILE parameter in, to match the archive I downloaded.

(The blog image is the strain relief device I printed to protect my Surface Pro's charging cable.)

Author: neil

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