This page contains my articles and other publications.

November 2013
FOSS in Business:
A chapter in Noam Shemtov and Ian Walden's book, "Free and Open Source Software: Law, Policy and Practice", published by Oxford University Press. My chapter looks at the business implications of FOSS, including strategy and policy, product development and supply chain considerations, understanding and handling violations and allegations of violations, FOSS in corporate acquisitions, competition law implications of FOSS in business and employment law considerations.
February 2013
Kickstarter: crowdsourcing, commitments and consumer protection:
My article examining the crowdsourced funding website Kickstarter, asking what Kickstarter needs to do to ensure that consumers are adequately protected against project failure. Published by the Society for Computers and Law (subscription required; free academic access). PDF available here.
February 2013
A Decentralised Approach to Online Trust Validation?:
My article looking behind and beyond the hierarchical certification authority model of trust is published in Computer Law Review International. (CRI 2013, 1-7)
October 2012
An assessment of the proportionality of regulation of over the top communications services under Europe’s common regulatory framework for electronic communications networks and services:
My Masters thesis, critically examining the way in which "over the top" communications services are regulated, asking whether today's regime is appropriate. The full text is available here.
Assorted writings for LLM in IT and Telecoms law:
My various theme reports and end of module assessments for my Masters are here.
09th August 2010:
iPad - harbinger of the public domain?:
published article, Society for Computers and Law website (members only): here. Article available here.
21st June 2010:
GNU GPL 2.0 and 3.0: obligations to include licence text, and provide source code:
published peer-reviewed article, International Free and Open Source Software Law Review, Volume 2, Issue 1. Journal available here. Article available here.