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Neil Brown is a senior regulatory lawyer at a global communications company and an academic exploring the regulation of communications. He has particular expertise in Internet and communications regulation and policy and is currently writing his doctoral thesis on the regulation of over the top communications services.

Neil takes a grounded and yet innovative, practical approach to complex questions of law, regulation and technology, and has a sound technical and practical knowledge in a wide range of fields relating to communications and digital technology. He enjoys speaking, teaching and presenting, and often entertains both technical and legal audiences.


Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship for doctoral research in communications regulation, University of Southampton

United Kingdom Telecommunications Academy: director

Law Society's Technology and Law Reference Group: committee member

Telecommunications Industry Security Advisory Council: member of working group on regulatory reform

Society for Computers and Law: committee member for Thames Valley group, committee member of media board

Nice things others have said about me:

"truly a subject matter expert"

United States Telecommunications Training Institute

"Out of all the brilliant lawyers I have worked with ... this was the best experience. [Neil] was extremely clear and efficient and we had the matter tied up within a week."

"outstanding training" — "It was a first-rate training session. Thanks so much."

Feedback on Neil's two-day training session for the United States Telecommunications Training Institute

Neil's course "will enhance my contributions to the new national telecoms policy"

Feedback on one of Neil's seminars in Washington, D.C.

"Neil's style of delivery and facilitation were outstanding"

Feedback from one of Neil's seminars in Washington, D.C.

"a wonderful experience" ... "very useful program" ... "enlightening" ... "invaluable"

Feedback from one of Neil's seminars in Washington, D.C.

"very relevant to me and very up to date in these fast moving times. I have learned a lot"

Feedback from one of Neil's seminars in Washington, D.C.

"very responsive, expert, and easy to deal with..."

"In the relationship with Neil Brown we had not only a first rate legal support but an individual whose comments and enthusiasm for our project really gave us inspiration."

"I think the UK broadband community should be most grateful to you"

The Earl of Erroll, March 2010, in respect of Neil's work on the Digital Economy Act 2010.

"[Y]ou constantly amaze me as a source of knowledge on the GPL."

"Very good. The best pro bono lawyer we have worked with so far. The matter was resolved very quickly..."

"You are just the best — you make everything so clear"

"[y]our contribution to the programme was impressive"

Organiser's feedback on Neil's panel session appearance on cloud computing and surveillance

My CV:

You can download my CV here.

You can view my profile on LinkedIn here.

Helping others:

I enjoy helping those who might otherwise be unable to obtain legal advice, primarily through LawWorks. I am also a moderator of the gpl-violations.org mailing list, and an active participant of the Free Software Foundation Europe's Freedom Task Force.

Who pays me?

My academic work is independent; I am not affiliated to any institution, and have not been paid to write anything. My Ph.D, through the University of Southampton, is funded by the generous support of the United Kingdom Telecommunications Academy, and the University itself through its kind award of a Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship.

I am employed on a very part time basis (20 hours a month) by Vodafone, as a specialist senior lawyer advising on communications regulation, privacy, security, and geeky Internet / technology law. Vodafone does not pay me for my academic work, and the opinions on this site, and in my writing, are mine. If you want Vodafone's view on something, please visit its website.